Aramana, the name known for traditional hospitality, located on the banks of Bharathapuzha (the river Nila) at Ottapalam, it’s enriched by a long history & culture of valluvanadu(The Cultural Capital of Kerala). Most people visit here not only for the hospitality, but also to enjoy a different scenic beauty, cultural heritage & ofcourse the easily reachable tourist spots. Aramana is really acts as the center point which connects to the tourist spots in palakkad district.

Ottapalam is a well known place in Kerala, because of it’s pure culture, traditional language accent, surrounding scenic beauty of temples and a lot more. Aramana offers better stay, better hospitality for whom loves to stay at Ottapalam. Let it be your next destination to visit, come and enjoy the Aramana Hotels & Resorts. Aramana literally means the King’s Residence... Welcome to Aramana...  more..